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Digital Interactive & Short Code Alternative

Internet direct to contacts at Request or Call

  • IMMEDIATE Response to Information Requests, Inbound Calls
  • ALPHABETIC Tags Replace Meaningless Numbers
  • HASSLE FREE Setup and Management Without Fees
  • SOLID LEAD FOLLOWUP Functionality
  • 25% WEALTH SHARING for Affiliates - starting @ approx. $250/sale
  • MORE Capabilities Over Short Codes - HTML, Files, Video, Music
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Express2me.com delivers INTERNET content directly TO YOUR EMAIL inbox.

Express2me.com delivers requested information to you WITHOUT ANOTHER APP - much like text codes, but, WITHOUT HIGH COSTS and complexity to the sender.

Express2me.com uses PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY, universally available to consumers and business, FOR DIRECT PULL of text, hyperlink and graphical information by requesters.

Express2me.com's EASY 3 STEP PROCESS prepares flyers, brochures, coupons, vouchers, menus, price lists, resumes, product information, service offerings, pictures, text, web links, music, videos, presentations, recordings, etc. FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY TO REQUESTERS...Try us today!!

*** Earn 25% when YOU SPREAD THE WORD through our SHARE THE WEALTH Program ***
*** Continuous INCOME FOR LIFE - Upload your contacts...WHEN THEY BUY, YOU EARN ***

Express2me.com-Call Broadcast

Local phone numbers, low maintenance, immediate setup of internet content (text, flyers, files, html) for inbound callers... their calls broadcast to your team members with text notification.

Express2me.com offers a call broadcast service which immediately engages callers with automatic text and internet content delivery WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY notifying all designated phone numbers that a prospect is calling.

Express2me.com ensures that whenever customer or prospect calls YOU ARE NOTIFIED and THEY ARE ENGAGED.

In busy and lean organizations, your valued clients always reach your team. Their inbound call is broadcast to registered numbers.

Never miss a customer again.

Express2me.com - Senders

Low cost, low maintenance, immediate setup of direct delivery of your information.

Express2me.com offers an automatic web content delivery to requesting consumers.

Express2me.com replaces expensive, complex text code management for a nominal per send fee.

Express2me.com accounts and send capabilities are immediately available at registration.

SO, SO much more coming your way. Start engaging with your customers, prospects, peers, and the planet, today.

Express2me.com - Receivers

Send the KEYWORD to the TAG@ex2.me AND it's yours!

Express2me.com lets YOU decide what internet content YOU want when YOU want it.

Express2me.com lets you stay current with your favorite products, stores, purchases...it's available globally to everyone from the smallest vendors, stores, small business owners to big business.

Express2me.com gives you direct access to real estate detail, store flyers, product brochures, coupons & codes, prospects resumes, contact detail, news, website pages, price lists and whatever else your Senders can dream up.

Consider the length of a URL to get information from the web... Express2me.com offers immediate paperless information.... look for the Express2me.com (Ex2.me for short) sign, email us the Keyword to Tagname@Ex2.me.

Express2me.com - Affiliates

WEALTH SHARING - 25% Recurring Commissions

Express2me.com offers a low cost, efficient means for delivering content to requesting consumers.

Express2me.com is committed to generously sharing the wealth with those who help to build its network.

Express2me.com aims to enrich the lives of supporters around the globe with a generous return and lifelong account ownership

Express2me.com affiliates can market to their heart's content to non-existing customers. Converted accounts will remain yours for the life of the account.

You sell it, you own it. Supplement your income, build residual income, it's yours FOREVER!

Express2me.com - Investors


Express2me.com is a high potential marketing product with ownership by professionals with experience in excess of 30 years in large, complex systems development, business development, executive leadership and revenue acceleration at large corporations.

Express2me.com is a low cost marketing tool available to the masses, replacing the cost, efficiency, content and technology prohibitive service of the 5 digit text code approach to the delivery of information that IN SPITE OF its constraints, serves $8 to $12 BILLION in revenue generation.

Express2me.com is an extreme potential product with a road map to specialized offerings in support of marketing, BI and CRM efforts with additional patents pending.

For investment inquiries in excess of $1MM, contact our Venture Capital Team at VC@express2me.com.